Le Payaco is a Slovak music band from Bratislava, Slovakia, formed in the spring of 1996. During their career they have recorded seven studio albums, one EP and four singles in English. 

Le Payaco's work is defined by an absolute musical freedom, which is reflected in the variety of their compositions. In addition to the lyrical insight of instrumental skill, but also the catchiness, with each new album they bring a new sound, which greatly influences not only the indie rock but also the rock, pop rock or mainstream scene in Slovakia. In their songs you can feel the reference to the greatest Slovak and world artists they grew up on in the eighties. As Bratislava residents, they got to the new music from the west much earlier and easier than the rest of the then communist Slovakia, which was fundamentally reflected in their absolute diversity in relation to the centre and east of the country. Their music has elements of pop, rock, swing, indie rock psychedelia, folk, blues, disco and reggae. 

Band members:

Tomáš Sloboda - guitar, piano, hammond organ, percussion, vocals
Martin Stempel - bass, clarinet, flute, vocals
Juraj Vitéz - drums, percussion, vocals
Tomas Vagaský – guitar
Jerguš Oravec - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Stano Petrov - guitar, vocals (until 2000)