Katka & Jerguš is a musical duo comprised of Katarína Kaľavská and Jerguš Oravec. Jerguš is a successful musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer, known from the bands THE YOUNIVERSE and LE PAYACO. Katarína is a kindergarten teacher. Their collaboration began thanks to the music label Bruuder Records.

Together, they created a children's album titled "Rok na Dlani" (Year in the Palm), characterized by catchy melodies and an original approach that appeals not only to children but also to their parents. Katarína is the author of all the songs – she wrote the lyrics, composed the melodies, and sings them herself. Jerguš contributed with beautiful arrangements and played all the instruments heard on the album.

The album "Rok na Dlani" is a testament to the fact that children's music can be not only fun but also of high quality and aesthetically valuable, and that parents can also find something appealing in children's music.

Katarína Kaľavská - vocals, music and lyrics

Jerguš Oravec - all musical instruments and music